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Is Dairy Bad for Skin?

Posted by on 5/23/2017 to Acne Help
Is Dairy Bad for Skin?
Lots of acne sufferers want to know what specific foods and lifestyle choices might be impacting their skin. Unfortunately, dairy is one that is on the list of foods that may be harmful to skin...

Dehydrated Skin Treatment

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2016 to Food for Skin
Did you know that skin can be dry and dehydrated due to lack of humidity during winter and one of the simplest ways to prevent dry skin in winter is by staying hydrated? During the cold winter months it's easy to forget the importance of staying hydrated. You're less likely to get hot and sweaty like you would in warm weather and so you might neglect the amount of water intake you should be getting. Read here to understand the importance of staying hydrated and other tips on treating dry winter skin using principles from Ayurveda beauty. 

Dehydrated Winter Skin

DIY At Home Facial

Posted by Sara Davoodi on 11/7/2015 to DIY Beauty Treatments
Everyone hears about or knows to some extent that facials are good for your skin, but not everyone has the time or the money to go to the local spa to get their facial on! Another question we get is, are facials even necessary? Well, the short answer is, yes – facials are an important part of an overall beauty regimen as it detoxifies your skin, shrinks pores and cleans deep to remove impurities. Adding facials to your routine is like adding going to the gym to your fitness and diet plan, but just like you can skip the gym and workout at home, you can skip the spa and get your facial at home. Read on to learn about how you can give yourself a facial at home!

DIY At Home Facial

Fall Superfoods for Hair, Skin, Health and Beauty

Posted by Administrator on 10/23/2015 to Food for Skin
Fall Fruit for Hair, Skin and Beauty Benefits Just as the seasons change, so do nature’s bounties. In Ayurveda, we should follow nature’s signals to provide guidance on how to improve our overall health and wellness. Staying in balance according to the season will offer the best health and beauty benefits. Consuming seasonal fruits and veggies will help you get the most nutrients out of the fruits and veggies you already love. Take a look below at fruits and vegetables that are in season during fall/autumn and try to incorporate these yummy, vegan and all natural goodies.

How to Care for and Grow Hair Naturally with Ayurveda Tips

Posted by Administrator on 10/17/2015 to Ayurveda Beauty Tips
Natural Ayurveda Hair Care Tips

Everyone wants gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair... here are some Ayurveda Scalp and Hair Care tips to help hair stay strong, shiny and healthy the natural way.